Creating beautiful moments on and off the board


A centerpiece, a focal point, and a beautiful place of convergence.

Vision Boards Charcuterie was created with one mission in mind - to bring people together. Through our charcuterie board offerings and intimate workshop experiences, we strive to create a world that's centered around a table, surrounded by the people you love. 

Vision Boards Charcuterie Brand Story

Founded by Carissa Kurre, Vision Boards Charcuterie was born out of Carissa's love for hosting and bringing people together. While charcuterie is of course an assortment of delicious accoutrements - it's more importantly a centerpiece and a focal point - it's a beautiful place of convergence and plays such a significant role in the way that people gather. 
Carissa loved the idea of building a business not only centered around food (because she's a huge foodie!) but one that focused on creating these special moments, surrounded by the people that you love.
Vision Boards Charcuterie is proud to serve the New York City area & beyond and hopes to be a part of your table soon. 

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